Let’s Return Home to One’s Spiritual Hometown

General Incorporated Association TSUMUGI is a community-led project based in Taka-cho, Hyogo Prefecture, that assists those seeking to restore and reutilize traditional Japanese houses in order to rejuvenate the area.


We are based in Taka Town (Taka-chō), Hyogo Prefecture, where we reutilize traditional houses in order to develop the community through the following activities.

・Projects to renovate old houses
・Assisting the launch of enterprises

[Address] Postal Code: 679-1101 333-2 Naka-ku Monzen, Taka-chō, Taka County, Hyōgo Prefecture
[Telephone Number] 080-8718-2240
[E-mail] takatsumugi@gmail.com
[Board Chairman] Saki Yamamoto
[Directors] Satoshi Ogura, Toru Ota